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This is an article about Wifikill for PC, Windows / MAC Download Applications where we will bring this application closer to you. In this text, We are going to guide you thru the steps to transfer WifiKill for PCs and Macintosh devices. This application could be a tool required for defense and management.

The Wifikill application is an application is an application that utilizes our wireless network technology to scan user networks and detect devices connected to the same network. In this way, if there is the use of a foreign internet connection or an unwanted user, the application will reveal this information to the user.WiFiKill For PC

If you want to download Wifikill for PC and Mac devices, follow this article to find out how to get it and try the Snap VPN application so that your internet is smooth and can open applications that are blocked in your country.

Feature Netcut Wifikill For PC

Netcut Wifikill comes with too many amazing features. You can do many tasks such as checking other people’s IP addresses and many more. This software is also equipped with Anti Wifikill feature that will help your WiFI connection from being killed by others. There are so many other features available in this software that you will definitely like. So, below there are some features in Netcut Wifikill.

  1. You can scan the IP address of the device that is connected using the Wireless Analyzer Tool.
  2. This application can help you to turn off the connection from certain connected WIFI devices. You can also turn off the WIFI connection from all connected devices.
  3. You can get all the details of the connected device such as IP Address, MAC addresses of the connected device at the same time.
  4. This software also allows you to check data usage from connected devices.

Download Wifikill For PC

One can easily download and install the Wifikill application on their Windows PC. It does not involve busy procedures to complete the preparation. This post explains to you a complete guide to downloading and launching Wifikill on a PC. We will share a link to download Wifikill software for PC. You can easily download this software with just one click. The application size is only 2 MB which can be downloaded quickly. Download this software via the link here.

How To Use Netcut Wifikill For PC

Follow the steps below to download and use this Netcut Wifikill application.

  1. First, download the software from the link given above.
  2. You can find the file downloaded in the download section on your WIndows PC.
  3. Open the setup file, click next and install the setup.
  4. Just tap the next button and continue the setup process.WiFiKill for PC
  5. You can find the next Windows that shows the installation process.WiFiKill For PC
  6. Immediately after setting, you can find a window that shows 2 options.
  7. You can choose to restart the computer now or restart later.WiFiKill For PC
  8. Just press the check box from restart now and click the finish button.
  9. The application will ask you to restart your PC. Restart the computer to work the applying.
  10. Now, click on the taskbar navigation and you may get a cut icon of the Netcut Software.
  11. Wait for some time till the software scans all the connected devices to the WIFI network.
  12. Now, after scanning the networks, you will get the MAC address of the connected devices.
  13. Click on each MAC Address and then click the ready button.
  14. From the Netcut windows, you can find devices connected to your local internet.
  15. You can even find the IP Address, physical address or MAC address and host name of various devices.
  16. There he is! This will turn off certain device connections.
  17. This is a detailed procedure for using NetCut Wifikill on your Windows device to stop the connection.


That was the article about how to download and use Wifikill for PC. This application is easy to use. If you have difficulty downloading or installing, contact us via the comments column. Thank you for visiting our website.


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