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Tap Cats Battle Arena For PC is a card game similar to heroes of Hearthstone of Warcraft, but featuring a friendly cat that will test your skills as a strategist. Create your own deck, find powerful combo teams and destroy enemies in this unique CCG battle. The main deck awaits you.

For people who are familiar with this type of game, this operation will be known. How to read the card are: Each card will have its own characteristics, shown on the bottom right, shows are resulting damage and life it has, in addition to the changes needed to load the mail and use.Tap cats Battle Arena For PC

The purpose of this game is to defeat the main enemy or your opponent, who has his own life, and our character, so we must defeat the enemy that avoids him to attack us.

The basic principles are easy to learn. Strengthen your deck as you develop your strategy, and then build your way to dominate the arena. Unblock a strong team attack within the battle, cluster team cards and use your skills. The observed ability to add and destroy enemies with maximum combo strength. Like the game Boom Arena and Slashy Knight who need the skills to win it.

This battle uses a cute and unique cat. Find your opponent to join in this great battle! This is not an ordinary hero. With over 100 initial maps to collect (and more), you’ll continue to develop new ways to improve your game. Find a new cat with a different origin, then update it and turn it into epic proportions. Release hairy anger and win this game.Tap cats Battle Arena For PC

Tap Cats Battle Arena For PC Features

  1. Unlock 10 different characters to bring their cats into battle. Use your unique alliances to strengthen your deck and give battle strength.
  2. Several strategies for fighting and creating end teams. Mix and match cards for your abilities, or recruit a full team for true rigor.
  3. Fifteen completely different teams for assembly, all with varied special combo attacks, that increase with the size of your team!.
  4. Fighting alternative players around the world in PvP games, or mastering ongoing adventures and searching for extraction.
  5. Cards with cat backgrounds, with unique and interesting characters. Collect and find out about each of these gay superheroes.

How To Download Tap Cats Battle Arena For PC

  1. First, Download and install Nox App Player emulator.
  2. Open the installed Nox App and open the Google Play Store.
  3. Now type “Tap Cats: Battle Arena (CCG)” on search bar Play Store.
  4. Found app and install the game wait until installing is complete.
  5. After install is complete and now open the game app.
  6. Tap Cats: Battle Arena (CCG) is ready to play.

How To Download Tap Cats Battle Arena For PC

  1. First, Open Google Play Store on Android.
  2. Type “Tap Cats: Battle Arena (CCG) on search bar Play Store.
  3. Install game and wait until installation is complete.
  4. After install is complete, and now open the game.
  5. Tap Cats: Battle Arena (CCG) is ready to play.

Note: This game is still Unreleased in Google Play Store so not yet full version.


Game Tap Cats: Battle Arena for PC is a card duel game with cat background image, cat characters in this game is very cute and unique. But unfortunately this game is still Unreleased in the Play Store. So if you want this game you have to wait until the game is officially released in the Play Store. So keep visiting our website to see the latest news from this game. If you have any questions please contact us via the comments field. Thank you for visiting our website.

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