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Lights Chaser is a role-playing game. Games sent by EYOUGAME (USS). This heroic game is free to play but you have to play it online. This game offers you the opportunity to become a true hero in your world. We know that it is very difficult to fight the devil alone. So now you can have two more heroes with you to help with your trip. So you can make a team of three and kill the devil by combining your skills.

In this game, you have to choose three heroes. But only one of them will be destined to fight them. So try choosing the best hero you can find in the game store. There are many unique heroes with magical abilities that are unique to you. So unless you play with all of them, you can not know the amazing things that these heroes have to offer you.Light Chaser for PC and Android

However, you can also adjust your hero abilities. Add some magical abilities to them. Some weapons, combos, and armory. The more you upgrade your hero, the easier it will be for you to defeat the evil forces.

In addition, you can also enter action with other players. You can do this by joining a game server. Because you will have a team of three, your opponent will also have a three-character group. You can dominate your rivals in the arena with your incredible battle tactics and i have similar game Light Chaser that is Slashy Knight.

Light chaser for this PC has a fairly smooth graphics and we are shown all the characters and scenarios in three dimensions to wage a battle rage against players from all over the world. It should be noted that we can be part of the fight in automatic or manual mode, in the latter case, we ourselves are the ones who direct our protagonists. The control system is quite intuitive and we just need to move with cross and attack with the action button located on the right side of the screen.Light Chaser for PC, Android, and Windows 7/8/10

Now, let’s go directly to the tutorial on how to download Light Chaser for PC. Because the game was developed in the Android version, there is no formal way to get it for a PC. So we will guide you through a few easy steps to help you play games on a PC. Before going into how to download we see the features in this game.

Light Chaser For PC Features

  1. Epic World Map – Best quality graphic and stunning scenes are going to immerse you in 3D fantasy World.
  2. High-Quality Graphics and HD Audio – Using Unreal Engine 4 makes a stunning visual experience with great detail, stunning gameplay effects and a large map for Battle Royale. Feel like you’re within the thick of the action as you play with high-quality audio, immerse 3D sound effects and seven. one channel surround sound.
  3. Dazzling effects – Breathtaking and delicate effects are progressing to bring you an on the far side the truth feeling!.
  4. Breathtaking Skill – You’ll be astonied by the beautiful skills, cool fighting effects, and straightforward operations! The key to win is but your technique.
  5. Fair gaming environment – Powerful anti-cheat mechanism ensures a fun and fair environment for all Light Chaser players.
  6.   Endless Benefits and Free Diamond Rewards – Growth funds, Diamond rewards, free VIP, as well as a divine pet are waiting for players to get.
  7. Stylish Costumes – The wings among the sports square measure every ornamental and practical. With them, you can fly anywhere you want!.
  8. Cool Wings – The wings among the sports square measure every ornamental and practical. With them, you can fly anywhere you want!.
  9. Find Your Soul Mate in a Game – Always has the dream of conducting a marriage of a century? Or jealous of people obtaining married, and wanna awaken some troubles on different weddings? We have numerous wedding-related wedding events to form additional fun!.
  10. Multiplayer PvP – Starting from cross-server PvP, social group war to battle royale, the sport strives to deliver the foremost exhilarating gameplay!.

How To Download Light Chaser For PC using Nox App

  1. First, Download Nox App emulator on your PC.
  2. Install Nox App to your PC and wait until the install is complete.
  3. Open Nox App and go to Play Store.
  4. Type “Light Chaser” on search bar Play Store and click enter.
  5. After a game is found, now click install and wait until the install is complete.
  6. While install is complete, now open the game Light Chaser.
  7. Light Chaser is ready to play.
  8. Enjoy play to the game.

How To Download Light Chaser on Android

  1. First, Go to Play Store.
  2. Type “Light Chaser” on search bar Play Store and tap search.
  3. After a game is found, now click install and wait until the install is complete.
  4. While install is complete, now open game Light Chaser.
  5. Light Chaser is ready to play.
  6. Enjoy play to the game.


Light Chaser for PC is a famous role-playing game on Android. This game tells a Hero who eradicate the demons. In this game has 3 Hero characters with different skills, Now try these three heroes and feel the different skills and amaze you. If you have questions about Light Chaser game write in the comment field and will reply soon. Thank you for visiting our website.

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