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iMessage is enormously popular across iDevices, From Apple Pay Cash, video calling, audio calling for the latest sensation “Animoji,” It’s got a lot of hot ingredients to help you to express all of the vibrant colors of the feelings. Unfortunately, it’s available only on iDevices. Charmed with the unmatched security and wonderful features, many people always crave to make use of iMessage on Android device.How To Use iMessage on Android

If you’re one of these Androids users that are prepared to take their practical iMessage, you couldn’t be happier to learn there are a few apps that enable you to require some slice outside of Apple’s messaging app. Firstly, the method involves a little bit of workaround, and also you must require a Mac to get rid of the road. I understand it’s not the best solution in any way. But we don’t have got alternative at least at the moment.

How To get iMessage on Android Device

If you are interested to download this iMessage app for Android please follow way below carefully.

Setup WeMessage to Apply iMessage on Android

WeMessage enables you to talk to your friends using Apple’s iMessage. The app supports almost all of the major features like group chats, easy customization, attachments, read receipts, built-in video player, and internet browser, notifications, contact blocking, big emoji message and much more. The developer claims that this also protects your messages with AES encryption. To apply this app, you must have a Mac with active iMessage account.

  1. Firstly, download the WeMessage app in your Android device from Play Store. Then, download its WeServer app for your Mac.Download WeMessage for Android
  2. When the app isn’t offered by Apple’s official Mac App Store, you’ll have to modify installed, open it up and refer to the instructions to put it together.
  3. Next, open the WeMessage app on your own Android device. Then, login using IP address, email, and password. If you have signed it, you’re ready to visit.

The WeServer app will turn your Mac in a server to relay iMessages for the WeMessage Android app.

It basically takes iMessages sent to your Mac and forwards these to an Android smartphone or tablets.

As mentioned from the developer on Reddit, the WeServer app functions as a bridge from a Mac and a Android device.

Note: There’s nothing new about using mac to relay messages on the Android devices as several apps have completed it, However, the apps, which are made in the last depending on the same concept, happen to be blocked by apple. So, we predict the Cupertino-based company to  make it taken care of these times too.

Use “SMS for iMessage” (iChat) Android App

There is different as “SMS for iMessage App (iChat)” for Android. It’s readily available for free and enables you to send around five messages cost free each day. Next, you will have to  upgrade it on the pro version to deliver unlimited messages.

How can iChat work? SMS for iChat allows you  to route your  text messaging relting to the Mac and also your Android phone.

Once you download the appp in your Android devices, you will have to create an Account then, you need to add your account into the iMessage  app.

The greatest thing about this app is that  you simply don’t  have to install any  app in your Mac. Besides, the setup process is less painful.

It stores you  text messaging as much as three days to create offline delivery possible for security, it encrypts your messages and removes them after three days.

That’s it!

Happy iMessaging on Android

It’s time for it to tell us your feedback about iMessage and also the features which have charmed you. Also, inform us what one of these two apps already stated you’ve picked for iMessaging on your own Android device.

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