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iMessages allows iPhone/iPad users to deliver unlimited free messages over Wi-Fi together with text, photos, videos, locations, contacts, links. Once we read and manage our iMessages conversations in Messages app, we might delete iMessages accidentally. The way to recover deleted iMessages? Does iCloud backup iMessages?. Here’s three solutions to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone or iPad with Mac or PC.How to recover old message on iMessage

How To Recover Old iMessage

We have several ways to recover message data on iMessage that has been deleted for a long time. We have 3 ways that in one of these ways will work. Okay, we’ll just explain how, see the article below seriously.

How To Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone 5/6/7/8/X

iCloud or iTunes do backup iMessages or text messaging on iPhone/iPad, but should you never backup your iMessages in both way or even the deleted iMessages will not be within the iCloud/iTunes backup that you’ve, could you recover deleted or old iMessages without backup?.

Yes, you may use a data recovery app to recover deleted iMessages with backup. Fonepaw iPhone File Recovery can undelete iMessages which are recently deleted or deleted years ago. When iMessages were deleted on iPhone/iPad, the deleted messages still stay on the iPhone. Thus FonePaw iPhone File Recovery can dive deep to your iPhone, iPad storage in order to find deleted iMessages. However, the deleted iMessage won’t remain on iPhone forever, so you have got to behave fast and prevent while using iPhone whenever the deleted messages could be permanently deleted by new data.

Besides, FonePaw iPhone File Recovery also detect all of your iTunes and iCloud backups and restore iMessages conversations from iTunes/iCloud backup so that you will don’t need to wipe your iPhone and restore the entire backup.

Also, you could recover deleted Whatsapp messages, contacts, call logs, photos, etc on iPhone, iPad with all the program.

1.1 Undelete iMessages on iPhone

  1. Download, install and run iPhone File Recovery. It gives you 3 modes to recover deleted messages from iPhone. Click Recover from iOS Device without having any backup.analyze your device
  2. After connecting your iPhone, you’re allowed to choose which type of data you would like to recover. To retrieve deleted iMessages, select Messages > click scan button for those program to look for old or deleted iMessages.scanning the device iPhone
  3. After scanning is completed, all data on your own iPhone might be displayed by categories. Click Messages to see iPhone text messaging and iMessages. The deleted iMessages might be marked in red color, with mobile phone number, sent date and messages content. Tick the deleted iMessages that you desire and after that click on the “Recover” button to retrieve deleted text messaging from iPhone. That’s the way you undelete iMessages on iPhone with no backup.iMessages of ios devices

1.2 Extract iMessages from iTunes Backup

When you have supported your iPhone to iTunes at some time, the iTunes backups also have your iMessages. So FonePaw iPhone File Recovery also permits you recover deleted messages from iTunes backups. Comparing to restoring a whole iTunes backup, the benefit of FonePaw would it be does not have to wipe your iPhone to recover old messages from iTunes backup.

Choose “Recover from iTunes backup File” to the left sidebar on the window, and all of iTunes backup files in your Mac or PC might be found and displayed automatically. Choose one on the backup that could possess the messages you are searching for and click on “Start Scan” button. The FonePaw program will extract all iMessages and text messaging from your iTunes backup. You may then view the deleted messages and recover them.recover from itunes backup file iMessage

1.3 View iMessages on iCloud Without Restoring iPhone

Lots of you might have protected iMessages to iCloud. FonePaw now offers “Recover” from iCloud Backup file choice for that you view and restore deleted iMessages on iCloud.

Enter your iCloud account with the Apple ID and password. When you have enabled two-factor authentication in your iPhone, you have to disable it. Then you can certainly download one of many iCloud backup and restore the deleted iMessages.recover iMessage from icloud backup file

How To Restore Deleted iMessages on iCloud

Beginning from iOS 11.4, you could sync iMessage on iPhone X/8/8 plus/7/7 plus/6/6s to iCloud so they can be accessed via all your device (iPad, Mac), called Messages in iCloud by Apple. With Messages in iCloud enabled in your iPhone, when you delete a iMessage on the iPhone, your message will disappear on all of your devices. What is actually worse, iCloud backup won’t backup iMessages in case you have switched on messages in iCloud. So you must directly choose FonePaw iPhone File Recovery since iCloud backup does not have your messages.backup messages on icloud

Nevertheless, If Messages in iCloud is off in your iPhone, iCloud does add your iMessages in backups. So as to restore deleted iMessages, you could restore an iCloud backup, even though you need to be conscious that you have to factory reset iPhone prior to being capable to restore an iCloud backup.

  1. Click on Settings > General > Reset > Erase all contents and settings.iPhone erase all contents and settings
  2. After your system is erased, it can reboot and want to get setup.
  3. Follow the on-screen instruction to install your iPhone. As regards to “Apps & Data” screen, tap “Restore from iCloud backup”.
  4. Enter your iCloud account and password. Then choose a backup to revive. Choose the backup that could contain your deleted iMessages based on the date it created.set up iphone 5/6/7/8/X

After finishing the setup, you could open messages app and find out should you may find the deleted iMessages.

The Way to Retrieve Deleted iMessages with iTunes Backup

When you have protected iPhone to iTunes on computer, Restore the iTunes backup to revive deleted iMessages.

  1. Launch iTunes on computer and repair iPhone to iTunes via USB.
  2. On iTunes, choose Summary > Restore iPhone to revive the iTunes backup that could contain the lost iMessages.restore iphone from iTunes backup

But after restoring the iTunes backup, your recent data in the iPhone might be overwritten by way of the backup. If you wish to restore only the deleted iMessages without restoring iPhone, use FonePaw iPhone File Recovery.

That’s the way to recover old message on iMessage, we have 3 ways to recover iMessage on iPhone, Recover iMessage on iCloud and Recover iMessage on iTunes. Choose one that is easy to use. If there is a problem with the above method, please write in the comments column. Thank you for visiting our website.

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