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The Black Dot Unicode bug is discovered a week ago but it really may be receiving widespread attention inside the Apple community recently. Multiple popular YouTube channels have highlighted the bug and also the bug may cause iMessage clients to crash on iOS. The bug requires the black dot and pointing left emojis.How To Fix The Black Dot Unicode Bug Crashing iMessage

Generally, each time a Unicode bug occurs it may be resolved by deleting the conversation which contains the problematic message. These bugs aren’t restricted to iOS alone and may affect messaging apps like Whatsapp on Android too.

Fix “Black Dot of Death Unicode” Bug That’s Crashing Message on iDevice

Note: According to reports, the Unicode bug has affected iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.4 that is currently in beta.

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Keep to the steps mentioned below in your iPhone with 3D Touch. For all those unfamiliar, the iPhone 6s and then (except iPhone SE) comes with the Touch technology.

  1. Firstly, force close the messages app. In your iPhone 8 or earlier devices, simply double-click the house button to bring up App switcher. Then, swipe high on the app card to stop the app.                                                            On your own iPhone X: You must swipe up through the gesture bar and hold. While in the app switcher mode, touch and hold the app card you need to force close. A red close button can have up, tap in it to make quit the app. Alternately, when you hold the app card and also red button appears, swipe up to eliminate the app.
  2. Now, you want to ask Siri to deliver a response for the person from which you received the Black Dot.
  3. Next, 3D touch on the messages app icon through the home screen and choose new message inside the menu that pops open.
  4. Tap on cancel on the top-right corner from the new message screen. Then, tap on edit on the top-left corner with the conversation list and choose the circle on the left of your conversation containing the problematic message. Now, you need to view a blue checkmark.
  5. Finally, tap on Delete on the bottom-right corner to remove the conversation.

Continue with the below-mentioned steps in your non-3D touch device:

On iPad and iPhone Without 3D Touch

  1. Force quit messages app in your iOS device. Just double-click the home button and swipe up on the app card to eliminate the app. Now, you need to invoke Siri and ask it to deliver a reply for the sender on the message. Note: You might want to send the message several times before the message with all the Unicode string is pushed outside the visible a part of the conversation.
  2. Now, launch messages app and choose the rear arrow on the top-left corner to return to the conversation list.
  3. Tap on edit on the top-left corner with the conversation and choose circle on the left in the conversation.
  4. Finally, you want to hit Delete on the bottom-right corner to eliminate the conversation.

That’s pretty well it.

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The Unicode attack has troubled iMessage many times before. Hopefully, Apple finds a method to maintain it away for great. Tell us your feedback and no matter whether you’ve succeeded in eliminating it.

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