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Is iMessage not working on your own iPhone in iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9 or iOS 8? Don’t worry as it’s any type of issue that lots of us have experienced once in a while. Check out these viable methods to repair the problem.

So, what could are the reason behind “iMessage not working on iPhone issue?”. Well, it may be caused by various reasons like wrongly configured settings, the carrier might not be supporting the content you are attempting to deliver, poor internet access, etc. Let’s dive directly in beside me to look into the methods that could troubleshoot the problem!.

iMessage is Not Working on iPhone

Simple Methods

Delete old Conversation: One user around the discussion board noted that deleting old texts got iMessage working again. Strange yes, but may that works. Another user did a restore (and set up the iPhone as Latest), and iMessage worked perfectly.

Set Date & Time Automatically: A reader, Wayne, has noted that setting the date to auto updates fixes this problem. To take action, open Settings > General > Date & Time and toggle the turn on Set Automatically to On.

If above methods have not to obtain your completed, check out the next solutions.

Methods 1. Check Internet Access

To start, you have to make sure you use a proper internet connection in your iOS device. iMessage might not work if there’s poor WiFi or cellular connection.

Turn On/Off Airplane Mode

On some occasions, you could be allowed to fix the network issue by simply turning on/off Airplane Mode. Simply swipe up through the bottom to your device to get into Control Center and after that tap on Airplane Mode button.Airplane mode on iPhone

In your iPhone X, you have to swipe down from the upper right corner and after that tap on Airplane Mode button to change it on. Await sometime and after that power it down.

Turn Off/On WiFi/Cellular

Visit Setting > WiFi/Cellular > Switch off the switch. Now, restart your iPhone.

Just press and keep the sleep/wake button and after that swipe to turn off. Then, press and hold on tight the sleep/wake button to change in your device.

On the iPhone X, you have to press and keep the side button and volume up/down button at a time. Then, swipe to turn off. Next, press and keep the side button again to change in your device.

When your device has restarted, switch on WiFi/Cellular and then try to send iMessage again. Not send message check your iMessage activation whether it’s been verified or not. Check right now if the verification or haven’t got any problems for verification see the solution in the iMessage waiting for activation error on iPhone.

Forget the WiFi Network and Reconnect Your Device On It

Should you use WiFi, forget the network and reconnect your device on it.

  1. Open Settings app > Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap in the “i” button next to the network.
  3. Tap on forget this network and tap on forget in the popup to verify.forget network WiFi on iPhone

Reset Network Settings

Haven’t got the fix to date? Try resetting the network settings in your device. It might eliminate the WiFi passwords and login details.reset network settings on iPhone

Method 2. Switch Off iMessages and After that Switch On Again

Go to settings > Messages and switch off iMessage if it’s turned on already. Then, force reboot your iPhone. To take action, press and hold the Home and sleep/wake buttons immediately until Apple logo shows up on screen.turn off imessage on iPhone

On your own iPhone X, you have to press and release volume down button, then press and release volume up button. Next, press and keep the side button unless you see Apple logo appears on screen.

Next, switch on iMessage and wait for a activation to complete. Wait for an while and after that send an iMessage to anyone. When it has begun working again, it’s wonderful. When it hasn’t proceed to the next following solution.

Method 3. Sign Out From Apple ID and Sign Back

Try signing out from Apple ID and after that signing back. It’s got done the actual for many users. So, don’t lose out on that one in addition.

  1. Open Settings > Messages > Send.
  2. Tap on a Apple ID and tap on Sign out.Sign out of your Apple ID
  3. Next, quit settings app. Wait around for efforts and then signing in on your Apple ID again.

Method 4. Does Your Carrier Secure the Sort of Message You Are Attempting to Deliver

Ensure that your carrier supports the style of message you need to send. Regarding instance, some carriers might not support MMS. Also, if you’re attempting to send MMS, be sure you have enabled it. To do this, visit settings > Messages > MMS.

Method 5. Make Sure You Set Your Mobile Phone Number To Deliver and Receive Message

On most occasions, it’s an issue with these options.

  1. Visit Settings > Messages > Send & Receive.settings send and receive on iPhone
  2. You must view your number and a associated Apple ID mentioned in their list. You may configure their list.
  3. You’ll need to use a selection of ways to get iMessage working again. These could include:
  • Eliminating the email ID and utilizing just the Mobile phone number.
  • Selecting either email or iPhone to evaluate if iMessage works together with all of these.
  • Select an e-mail and also a mobile phone number. So next, you’ll see another section “Start New Conversion From” select your cell phone number just for this.

Method 6. Update iOS in Your iPhone

The existing type of iOS may be the culprit behind this mess. Sometimes I’ve successfully fixed annoying issues just like an autocorrect bug, the digital camera focus issue simply by updating my device. Hence, I’d suggest you allow this solution an opportunity in addition.

Open Settings > General > Software Update. When there is an update on waiting, tap on Download and Install.ios update download and install

Method 7. Restore Your Device and Install It as New

I don’t think you might want to travel so very long to discover the fix for your problem. But simply just in case, it hasn’t been resolved even with testing out all of the aforementioned tricks, reinstate your iPhone using iTunes and after that install it as new. Before you go to the kill, don’t cannot backup your device.Restore your device iPhone

The above mentioned solutions have been working for many users. Therefore, I believe it depends on the way the problem surely you about iMessage can be resolved. In this guide to work or you’re still a difficulty in practice it please write in the comments field. Thank you for visiting our website.

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