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Tutu App For PC includes a combination of 4 totally different app’s options, majorly specializing in the supply of apps that ar usually paid at Google Play Store. I’ll explain you about this app in this post in a more precise way so that you can know what all you can do with this one single App. Tutu App on Windows will realize apps which may be put in solely once we have a tendency to pay money for it. However, these paid apps you’ll be able to catch on all free with the assistance of Tutu app.

Now, no a lot defrayment on paid apps, simply download Tutu app and you’ll be able to realize all the paid apps free. Several of them may be awaiting this sort of app that has this feature, thus this app is all for you to induce it put in your device. This app is additionally referred to as as Bunny Assistant, as a result of its super cool brand. Aside from this major feature of Tutu app, there ar few further options i it like cleaner expect, file transfer feature and a tool case.Tutu App For PC

With Tutu App, you’ll be able to simply boost your device from vulnerable viruses. It’s the same feature of CC Cleaner and plenty of such apps that clean area, memory and different things. This app may also be used for file transfer from one device to a different, be an automaton to automaton or iOS to automaton. and therefore the speed is simply excellent compared to different apps like this feature. The tool case is another smart feature that has battery management, info inquiry, backup of you address book and plenty of such things.

So reproval you’re waiting, simply transfer this app and you need and you wish not need to install apps that have single options of what Tutu App has. As this app be a mobile app, i’ll show you the method a way to install this app on your laptop, as a result of Tutu App for laptop is formally not on the market on Windows 10/8.1 and mac laptop.

Featured Tutu App for laptop/computer/PC

  • Get a combination of a different app in one single app called Tutu App.
  • Install paid apps at no cost that square measure usually required to be paid in Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.
  • Clean your device using the cleaner expert feature.
  • Transfer file from one device to another.
  • Speedy transfer of files.
  • Use Tool Box to organize and standardize your device.

How To Install Tutu App On Windows 10/8/8.1/7

To install Tutu App for PC. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a Tutu App working on your computer in no time:

  1. Download and launch Nox App Player.
  2. After installing Nox App, then open Nox App Player and you will have access to the Android world through Nox App Player, the screen will look like an Android tablet.
  3. Now you need to use the APK file to install Tutu App.
  4. Drag and drop Apk files to the Nox App Player interface, or
  5. Locate the APK section in Nox, click and when the dialog box appears to navigate to the APK file on the hard drive; select the APK file and click ‘Open’, or
  6. Right-click the APK file in the saved folder and click ‘Open with’; now select Nox App Player to open this file, and then.
  7. Regardless of the method, you choose to run the APK file in the Nox environment, you will get a confirmation message on the Nox screen; simply click ‘install’.
  8. And the App Tutu App is ready to use.


It is an article on How to Download Tutu App for PC with free Windows / Mac. I hope you enjoyed the article and I’m sure it helps you download and use Tutu App for PC. Thank you for reading this article and if you have any problems related to downloading or installing, please contact us immediately. We will help you as soon as possible.

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