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ISS Mobile 2 For PC is a free Android app that serves as CCTV security. This app manages video from IP cam with just one step without using cable and cable fall. With the help of Internet connections, the ISS Mobile 2 application manages and controls the workings of IP cams now you are doing not want the correct system and a separate screen to look at streaming cams as you’ll be able to have surveillance on your android device. Basically, this app uses the camera’s IP address simply tack together the cam with the app by coming into the name and information processing address of the cam. However confirm your robot device is connected to the web and works. If the internet connection is not working then it will not work. The best thing about the ISS Mobile 2 app is that it manages multiple IP cams at the same time. So manage all home and office IP cams through the ISS Mobile 2 app.ISS Mobile 2 For PC

But this app has now been removed from the Google Play Store android. But you can install it on your android device with the help of Apk file. Similarly, using Apk files now, you can also install ISS Mobile 2 For PC. If you want to download ISS Mobile 2 For PC, then you need two things. One of them is the Apk file of the application and the other is the Android emulator. Below you can see a guide how to use ISS Mobile 2 For PC.

Features of ISS Mobile 2 For PC Windows:

  • View live video from one or multiple devices.
  • Support audio decode.
  • Support equipment management: add, modify, delete.
  • Support live play: start / shut down video, favorites, screenshots, 1/4/9/16 switch, electronic amplification, covered / original size, open / close the audio, set the resolution level, alarm output setting.

Installation of ISS Mobile 2 For PC

Here we explain how to install ISS Mobile 2 on PC:

  1. Download Nox App emulator first. If you do not have it can download it from this link.
  2. After the emulator is downloaded directly install Nox App on your PC.
  3. Download also ISS Mobile 2 Apk.
  4. After the ISS application is downloaded, just install ISS to Nox how: Right click on ISS application > select open with > select Nox. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  5. After the installation is complete now you can try the ISS Mobile 2 application on your PC.
  6. Good luck.


It was an article about the download and installation of ISS Mobile 2 For PC. If there is any difficult in downloading or installing ISS mobile 2 please contact us we are ready to help. Thank you for visiting our website.

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